Filming in Morocco

For almost 115 years, Morocco has been one of the top destinations for film producers and directors.

The trend of shooting movies in Morocco has seen a dramatic surge in recent years – some of the most famous directors return time and again, including Ridley Scott, Stephen Sommers, Paul G

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Film Equipments    

Due to the rapid growth in the film and TV industry in Morocco and the international increasing interest in Moroccan location to shoot feature films, documentaries and commercials the Moroccan market has expanded to fulfill the increasing demand on the high quality equipment required by filmmakers.

From our experience, making such accurate decisions when renting equipment can always minimize on-location unnecessary delays or problems. Now comes your part of the job where you have to provide us along with your team of director of photography (DP),sound engineer and your director with a detailed list of the gear you require for shooting in Morocco.


Equipment Rental 

BKFilms is a section in charge of equipments that could provide video and film equipment rentals including cameras, lenses, lighting, grip, audio & sound, monitors, tripods & support, car mounts, dollies and jibs for all production budgets.

No need to look around We and our partners have one of the largest stocks of latest equipment at your disposal in Morocco. 

If you need any technical advice in selecting the right equipments for your upcoming shooting project in Morocco please contact us. Check-out our available equipments:

we offer the complete line of :

-     Arri and Aaton

-     ARRI Alexa Plus and the 2 perf / 3 perf Aaton Penelope.

-     Complete line of 35mm optics and custom accessories.

 -     RED EPIC , REDONE & RED Mysterium-X .

-     Phantom & Phantom Flex 


 -     Canon 7D and 5D Mark II & III


  • HHB DAT recorders
  • Shure FP 42 and 32/33 field audio mixers
  • Sennheiser SQN 4S /2S field audio mixers
  • Sennheiser MKH 416 shotgun mics with Rycotes and boom rods
  • Sennheiser 500 / 100 series Cordless UHF lapel microphones
  • Shure UT-4 Cordless mic
  • audio3 Mike, Boom, Cordless
  • Micro Phones Sennheiser MKH 416, P48 & MKH 60 shotgun mics Sennheiser 100 & 500 series 
  • ,UHF cordless mikes, Shure lapel and handheld VHF & UHF cordless microphones.
  • Recorder
  • Sony TCD D10 Pro II
  • portable DAT.
  • audio2 Mixer Sony MXP 290 
  • SQN 4S &2S field audio mixers

-     2 x Kino Flo 1m20

-     3 x Kino Flo 60cm

-     2 x HMI 1200W

-     2 x HMI 575W

-     6 X Blonde 2kW

-     5 X Mizar 500W

-     10 X mandarine 800W

-     4 X Réflecteur 1m20

-     4 X Réflecteur Lastolite   ....

-     GF-8 cranes                                

-     cinejibs

-     espaces

-     dollies

-     bazookas

-     Modular Craine

-     Dolly crane Elemack 

-     Chariot trvelling california

-     Robin Crane ...